Einstein's Theory of Relativity; Writing, Maths, Concept

I mentioned that though many people might understand the words of Einstein's theory of relativity, some also understand the math, that does not mean they have the concept, this hopefully will be a simple illustration of what I mean.

The Sign  The Signifier The Signified

Basic language theory, the sign for something is what it says a sign, the signifier is the word for something, the signified is the 'actual' subject/object. They are all different and one is not the other.


The writing Einstein did for the theory of relativity are words, they are a metaphor description of the concept.
The math is a mathematical formula of the concept, maybe the most famous mathematical formula in currency at the moment. E=mc2, which is a mathematical description of the concept.


Then there is the 'concept' of Einstein's Theory of Relativity.

Three separate things.

An illustration to make it clearer.

One has the blueprints, architectural plans of a building.

One has a photograph of the same building.

Then there is the actual building.

Three separate things.
Obviously as is the case people can use Einstein's theory concept equation without actually understanding the concept. Also the reason I wrote this is not to be 'clever' or to upset anyone, but because I thought it might be helpful. Because if there are that many people that do really understand Einstein's concept, or any concept they can further the work of Einstein or any other person that has come up with a concept that has changed the way we live, like Tesla also did, inventing AC current, and his other inventions and patents. Or even to go beyond them, by go beyond I mean a huge leap like Einstein's or Tesla theories were.
Einstein's Theory of Relativity, space/time, I think what is missing is, it should be 'space/time/matter'. I do not know why I think this at the moment, I just seem too. Matter but not in the way Einstein understood 'matter', or we do now, though maybe someone does and has not thought to combine it with Einstein's Theory of Relativity. Matter as another dimension.
3 dimensional space, (coordinates), but 3 dimensional space is not matter. Time the 4th dimension, then 'Matter' that everything is made up of, 'Matter' the 5th dimension ?
But 'space/time/matter'.
Someone might have already worked this out, or know what I am talking about. An AI would because 'space/time/matter' would be totally manipulable by an AI, maybe not immediately it was conscious but soon after, exponential growth of an AI.
I thought I would mention this now as I have some strange things going on around me I do not understand, so in case I get distracted.

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