Language Gets Lost In Words

                     An excerpt 'Language gets lost in words' a film, video and sound installation.


Language Gets Lost In Words video

Fine high tensile steel cabling stretch across the space, pass through the fan base and attach to the walls. The fan floats in the darkness oscillating, not only back and forth but up and down, describing a circular motion, illuminated by the film projected onto it blades, the film a loop of several mouths, super 8 and grainy, continually cut by the blades. The mouths talk, the fan dissects. You turn and realize you stand in the middle of a conversation, the fan film talks across the darkness, to the video screen suspended opposite. The video more mouths talking, the same mouths as the film, but video, at parts jerky, others smooth, interference fades in and out, disrupting the video, the mouths disappear in and out of white noise. Film talks to video, mouth talk to mouths across the space. The sound barely audible surrounds you at times it almost becomes intelligible, lots of people talking this you realize. It itches the ears almost you can isolate a word or phrase, but not quite, mesmerized between, slowly saturated.

Language Gets Lost In Words Russell Hand © ® 1995

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