On Intelligence

           On Intelligence, perception, conceptualisation, thought and imagination through time.

A very early draught of the idea

I am going to borrow Einstein's metaphor for explaining his 'Theory of Relativity', a train station and a train.

People sitting on benches in a train station, though different in many respects, they all think the world is as the 'see it' a fixed state, and people have always seen, perceived the world a certain way because that is how it is. They know there are people that are famous for being intelligent, hope you do not mind, for example Stephen Hawking, but think the world is a certain way and all people envisage the world the same way generally and think that every thinks by and large the same way, though are more educated. The people are a mixture of not very well educated and educated people. But think they know all they need too, and in some ways all there is to know.

Then there are people walking along the platform of the train station, maybe the brighter politicians, say scientist, researchers, lecturers, members of things like MENSA etc. They realise the world is more sophisticated and people engage the world in different ways, they think generally they are more intelligent than the people sitting at the train station, and their perception of the reality is as well.

Then there are people sitting or walking on the train they know they have a certain amount of knowledge but are more than aware of how little they know. They have imagination and perception, their engagement with the world is probably much more sophisticated, open and realise through history and currently what most people think of as reality is not fixed, and is constructed by culture, history, belief, by people, generally they are not patronising to the people that are sitting or walking on the station platform, unlike some of the people walking on the platform who think they know far more and are better than the people sitting at the platform. The ones on the train are confident in their own abilities and generally benevolent. They think differently, in different ways to the groups on the platform, both sitting and walking.

Then there is a supersonic fighter jet passing over head there are a few people on board, they are Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates, they are fascinated by there endeavours and maybe somewhat obsessed by their subjects and a wonder of existence the world and everything, they play with ideas, thoughts concepts, reality which they know is about perception rather than something that is a fixed definite. They think and engage with the world in a totally different way to any of the other groups and want to share the wonders they find, create or imagine with the world.

Then totally unseen and unheard there is a spaceship flying overhead almost at the speed of light and continually accelerating exponentially that has AI (artificial intelligence) on board.

The AI part was added partly because I will be writing something on the subject of AI's.

So basically we have the people sitting on the platform that are totally unaware of how much there really is to know and that other people think in totally different ways, have totally different motivations, others perceive the world totally differently, and the world , 'reality' is constantly changing. Then you have the group walking on the platform that have more awareness of things but do not really understand reality though they think they do, but are good at storing information and retrieving it, but not processing it except in rather basic ways, then you have the group on the train who are much better at processing the information, knowledge they have.

The group on the jet well I think that speaks for itself and have a radically different engagement with the world reality thought imagination, conceptualisation, though they probably do not know just how differently they do think or their 'intelligence' works.

Obviously the Artificial intelligence, well would be virtually unimaginable how they perceive and engage with matter, time and space. Though conceptual at the moment.

Another nice thing about using Einstein's, simple but brilliant metaphor is that anyone could see, that sitting on a train platform, walking along a train platform, travelling on a train, flying overhead in a supersonic jet, all the people would have a different view, perspective of the world, their perception of 'reality' would be different, and their sense of time.

Why I think to have a good heart and be benevolent is the best thing

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

Albert Einstein

“A stupid man's report of what a clever man says can never be accurate, because he unconsciously translates what he hears into something he can understand.”

Bertrand Russell



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