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I often do not travel with a camera, and even when I have one with me

I often forget to take any photographs, as I am so fascinated

by the place or the people I am talking to.

Looking through a viewfinder lens you miss so much and

restricts your view, and as someone once said to me which

is probably true I have an incredible visual memory

Icaria car wrecks and leaves © ® 2015


                                           Mountains Andalucia                                                    Pylons mountains Andalusia


One of the beaches on Samos 2015

House Samos 2015


                                                     Window Samos    2015                                                               Lane to the sea Samos  2015

Madrid shop 1990

Blue dome blue 2015


                                                                           Under roof Ios 2015                                                     Windmill Mykonos 2015


                                                                              Church Santorini 2015                                                         Church top Mykonos 2015


                                  Column Hera's temple Samos 2015                                               Ships wake leaving a Greek Island 2015


                                      Roof flowers Ios 2015                                                                         Dog modelling Mykonos 2015


                                            Window Ikaria 2015                                                                       House ruin Ikaria 2015


                                            Ancient settlement Ios 2015                                                Sun building Santorini 2015


                                        Steps Samos 2015                                                              Tree and sea Samos 2015


                                                                    Street Samos 2015                                                      Castle Samos 2015

Brussels street corner


                                      Sky columns Ephesus 2003                                                      Marble Way Ephesus 2003

Library Ephesus 2003

Pelican Mykonos 2003

Amazing you could still take a shot in Mykonos then without the crowds, people everywhere,

Though still much busier even then, than the first time I was there

and backpacked around the Mediterranean with a friend

Horse riding stables Mykonos 2003 not that I rode there just walked past

I am probably going to set up another section in places or on the photography menu

for Ephesus and maybe for Mykonos or several of the Cyclades and Olympos, Turkey. I seem to have many photographs

from my last trip the ones before and the first time I travelled round the Mediterranean with a friend

Leonardo da Vinci statue, Milan 2003

Ampitheatre, Ephesus 2003

Still working on more images and separate sections for some.

Well & graffiti, Venice 2003

Find this shot interesting because of the contrast, Renaissance well, corrugated fence and graffitti

Istanbul 2003

Olympos, Turkey ruins in the trees 2003

Amazing place a whole ancient Greek city overgrown with trees,

it also has above in the side of a mountain fires burning that have for the last 2,5000 years,

when I was there I was told it was one place in myth where Hephaestus, smith to the Greek gods

and husband to Aphrodite had his forge, apparently another legend says it is Chimera which Homer mentions in The Iliad.

Though the bit about the Chimera, I only just learned looking up the spelling for Hephaestus.

Sky arch Ephesus 2003

This is in the Ephesus section I am working on, it makes me think of some of James Turrell's work,

the land art pieces, framing the big blue.

Russell Hand © ®

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