When we were young

                    When We Were Young

  When we were young is a series of light-boxes about childhood and growing up, the beauty and preciousness of childhood. The photographs I use are beautiful photographs that my parents took of my brothers, sisters and myself when we were growing up, but though that being the case it is not specifically about our childhood but could be anyones growing up. I originally sorted out the old photographs of our childhood after my father died and had some printed large enough to frame for my mother. Also when things like that happen, ones father dying, it makes one look back and see where one came from, our roots and anchors, who and how one is in the world, as psychological structures, ideas of truth, justice, ethics, honesty etc are formed in childhood as in the way we are encouraged and our engagement with the world. I was lucky I had a beautiful childhood and was always encouraged by my parents, taught what was good, not just for myself but the way I exist in the world and what was wrong or bad, as we all are and brought up with a sense of self-responsibility and responsibility in a social sense towards other people and the world.

Two light-boxes from the series 

If My Legs Could Reach

 'If my legs could reach I would accelerate past the speed of light, escape the watcher into my own future and disprove Einstein's theory of relativity.'


 Like The French

'Like the French, alcohol was introduced early, so even though I had a drink problem at the time (sarcasm, as I was 8 at the time if that). And still occasionally drink a bottle of whisky at a sitting. I find I can take it or leave it. And I never get hangovers.'

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