Fashion photography

                         Fashion photography



Car Shoot 2006 my second fashion shoot






Ash Blonde shoot 2007



Ethereal shoot 2007





Descent Shoot 2007

Though when it was published in a fashion magazine in New York

they called it 'Sitting Room'




Maria Profile Models Spanish model shoot 2007




Dusk shoot 2006

All the above fashion shoots the fashion models

are from various fashion modelling agencies;

Models1, FM Models, Next Models, Profile Models, though I have worked with some of the

other top fashion modelling agencies in the world

or been offered models for shoots by them. Not that I ever shot much fashion, about 8 shoots in all

but fashion people and fashion agencies seemed to think highly of my photography,

as they did not think it was the generic run of the mill photography that you find in most fashion magazines.


Lingerie shoot 2008

This shoot was shot with a page 3 girl. Not that I shoot glamour

but her agency asked if I would be interested in shooting

any of their models and I thought it could be fun, which it was.



Natalia Tena shoot 2011

Was shot for a magazine but it was not published not sure why.

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