Welcome, this site shows some examples of my art through time. I have restored my website to working condition but kept it how it was originally made by myself 2004, with the same content with some recent additions.
One of my favourite quotes because we assume all to often that we 'know' or 'understand', when we do not;

   "Those who fail to re-read are obliged to read the same story everywhere."

Roland Barthes

  A note on this quote, Barthes is not referring to reading, just in the literal sense, a page from a book, but everything as 'text', people as text, events as text, culture as text, art as text, etc... Which can all be read and re-read.

Another of my favourite quotes.

"Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Don't walk behind me; I might not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend:"

Albert Camus

I grew up reading and absorbing writings like these, they permeate me, are an inseparable part of my psyche. Which is one of the reason why I write including the simple line of words below

'Travelling is putting one foot in front of the other'

written by myself Russell Hand © ® 1998

Travelling literally, travelling metaphorically, travelling through labyrinths of the mind, travelling through space and time.

I now have one of my five artist books that I made in The Tate Gallery special archive of artists books along with all the other books made by artists The Tate Gallery have acquired in their history.

A link to my first book on iBooks, more books to follow; My iBook

My photography book on iBooks; My photography iBook


All works, art, sculpture, painting, video, sound, writing, photography is © ® Russell Hand
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