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Faces from a project at art school fellow art students 1994

Swedish face Sweden

Serbian face London 2007


                                    The good Italian  Ios 2015                                    The lovely Danish woman Samos 2015


                           Man with a hat Mykonos 2015                                          Italian woman Deberah Mykonos 2015

                                                                               Woman with stripes Mykonos 2015

Anna Polish woman London 2009

English face London 2013


                                        Turkish face Kusadasi 2003                                                 Turkish face Antalya 2003

The beautiful and lovely Bernadette, an amazing Irish woman, who has been a friend for many years,

and I knew originally at art school she was one of my wonderful theory lecturers,

and I think I have always been at least half in love with her. Though not one of the art critic theorist visiting lecturers.

London 2016


                                                     Ben London 2014                                                    Greek face Mykonos 2015

If anyone objects to their photographs being on my website, though taken by myself with permission, I would of course remove them

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