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I now have one of the five artists books that I made in The Tate Gallery special archive of artists books along with all the other artists books that artists have made and The Tate Gallery have acquired and thought worthy to add through their history.

Link  to my artists book in The Tate special archive of artists books

It is suppose to be a permanent link supplied by the Tate but seems to sometimes say expired... Not so permanent then... That is The Tate not me...

I also have my book of '100 Art Installations' which have not been built yet, though I still intend too. 

The Lovers, The Space Between:            Video and sound art installation 2006 © ®.

Language Gets Lost In Words:                 Film, sound and video art installation 1995 © ®

Leaky But Not Too Leaky:                         Head component of 'Smiths Empire' sculpture art installation 1992 © ®

Desert Crossing:                                       Sound, text and image projection art installation 1992 © ®

Russell Hand © ®   

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