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                                                 Anatomy man statue                         Eve, English nude in a round mirror with a camera and door

                                                                                                                                           London 2013


Susan Sontag on the difference between erotica and pornography

Approving or disapproving morally of what a work of art “says” is just
as extraneous as becoming sexually excited by a work of art.
(Both are, of course, very common.)
And the reasons urged against the propriety
and relevance of one apply as well to the other.
Indeed, in this notion of annihilation of the subject
we have perhaps the only serious criterion for
distinguishing between erotic literature or films or paintings
which are art and those which (for want of a better word)
one has to call pornography. Pornography has a “content”
and is designed to make us connect (with disgust, desire) with that content.
It is a substitute for life. But art does not excite,
or, if it does, the excitation is appeased, within the terms of the aesthetic
experience. All great art induces contemplation,
a dynamic contemplation. However much the reader or listener or spectator
 is aroused by a provisional identification of what is in the work of art with real life,
his ultimate reaction — so far as he is reacting to the work as a work of art
 — must be detached, restful, contemplative, emotionally free,
beyond indignation and approval.
It is interesting that Genet has recently said that he now thinks
that if his books arouse readers sexually,
“they’re badly written, because the poetic emotion should be so strong
 that no reader is moved sexually. Insofar as my books are pornographic,
 I don’t reject them. I simply say that I lacked grace.”

Quote from ‘On style’ (1963) Susan Sontag

Eve, nude with a blindfold London 2013

These photographs might not appear politically correct in these current times, nudes of women.

Then with so many women in the world being repressed,

and many women and men campaigning for their right to express themselves how they want.

Of course they were all art models, doing what they enjoy and were wonderful to work with.

And though I do not have any shots of males nudes, I have worked with several on art projects.

There is Michelangelo's 'David' among many nude sculptures in the past, and of course the Venus de Milo.

Rodin whose sculptures I have studied and drawn, and many more artists through history.

The reason I am referencing sculpture is because the models I worked with

are also suppose too, if they still want to, model for some of my sculptural work.

Eve 5x4 camera 2014

Hands nude London 2006


Portuguese nudes London 2009


The beauty of the female form, curves of a woman Eve 2014.

I just found out today 24-10-2018, this my wonderful friend Eve,

died on Sunday 19th of August 2018. I messaged with her husband who told me.


                                                    Slovakian nude camera; London 2014                       Eve eyes face breast; English nude London 2014


Layla pregnant nude London 2017

Slovakian model cigarette and camera London 2014

As in all sections of my photography I am holding back some of my best shots for my photography book

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