Other Writings; Just some thoughts thrown out into the world

I now have one of the five artists books that I made in The Tate Gallery special archive of artists books along with all the other artists books that artists have made and The Tate Gallery have acquired and thought worthy to add through their history.

Link  to my artists book in The Tate special archive of artists books

It is suppose to be a permanent link supplied by the Tate but seems to sometimes say expired... Not so permanent then... That is The Tate not me...

I must admit if anyone reads my theories I have never had

any drive or desire for them to be right, I play with ideas, like

I play with paint or materials to sculpt, then there are languages to materials.

Maybe I should write up my theory on 'The Language of Materials' as well.

Apart from theorists a number of Lacanian friends/aqaintances use to rate my art highly as well.

Among the many people I would have liked to have at least one conversation with,

on art, theory, existence would have been Jacques Lacan, think we would

have had a  mutually good chat and exchange of ideas.

These ideas that I am writing are all unfinished works, though I do intend to keep them as short and concise as possible. Though they should be viewed as open works.

                        On Intelligence, perception, conceptualisation, thought and imagination through time

                        Dense Matter

                        Einstein's Theory of Relativity, Writing, Math, Concept

                        Dancing on moonbeams and covered in stardust

                        On Art, through history, time and space, concepts of engagement

                        Science, alchemy, the Enlightenment and beyond

                        Modernism and postmodernism; The failure of the dialectic discourses

                        Thoughts on the development of AI's (artificial intelligence)

                        Photography, Narcissism and 'Disappearance'

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