I now have one of the five artists books that I made in The Tate Gallery special archive of artists books along with all the other artists books that artists have made and The Tate Gallery have acquired and thought worthy to add through their history.

Link  to my artists book in The Tate special archive of artists books

It is suppose to be a permanent link supplied by the Tate but seems to sometimes say expired... Not so permanent then... That is The Tate not me...

Early Abstracts, two examples, ongoing series;

If And When


Unfinished nude life painting, painted in the style I taught myself before I went to art school, ongoing series;

Unfinished Portuguese life model painting London 2009

This life painting nude, I spent hours painting the model, then wipe the canvas clean,

and then painted for about 20 minutes, this is the result, from 20 minutes of painting.

Colour Field Abstracts; Childish Pleasures; Two examples ongoing series

Blue 1996

Yellow 1996

Faces Project, two examples, ongoing series;

English Face 2002

Swedish Face 2016

Painting By Numbers Project, two examples painted from photographs taken by my parents,

ongoing series though various subject matter;

Boy with a black eye 2002

Time-Machine Tricycle 2002

As I mentioned, the 2 above paintings are sourced from the rather beautiful photographs

that my parents took of us when we were children. Both my mother and father took beautiful photographs.

They are not just about our childhood,

but supposed to be about the kind of childhood every child should have.

Mouths Series, one example

Mouth 2002

Balance 2012

Part of a painting installation art piece called 'Struggle', which is a piece about the world,

for as one might notice the world is out of balance in many ways at the present time,

the series of paintings that make up this my painting art installation 'Struggle'

were inspired by the ideas of a more benevolent, balanced world for all.

Struggle because struggling to make the best world we can and be the best people we can.

This was the last painting I did at The Chelsea School of Art when I was about 18.

My lecturers there were not very pleased with me as I had gone abstract I had also been painting abstracts.

The problem was for them as one finally told me before I left after a year to go travelling was they had accepted me 

because they thought I was a brilliant life painter, much more 'realistic' though still expressively painted

and complained that my painting was better as far as they were concerned before I went to Chelsea, which they also took

as an insult to them. Though several students told me that their friends thought it was

the best painting of any type in the end of year show.

Athena 2021 © ® 

Originally while I was in Greece on my latest visit there I asked to photograph the faces of 3 women

for this painting of Athena they all refused so I had to use a photograph of a fashion model I worked with in 2007

who was not Greek as she had the face nearest to what I envisioned for the face of Athena. If I work from

photographs I always use my own ones I have taken for continuity and through preference so it is my work start

to finish. This painting like any of my paintings is both a physical painting and an NFT and

though I have no silkscreen lino etching prints on my website currently

I have produced some throughout my time as an artist and some of my paintings

are used to limited produce limited editions prints.

Russell Hand © ®

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