People / Portraits; also for the faces project where relevant

Debra Lamb Hollywood actor / actress (Though actor is gender neutral) London 2017

Jordan Martin London 2017

Woman with striped dress Mykonos 2015

Italian woman working on Mykonos 2015

Gino from Sweden, Kinneret Kibbutz Israel

the first time I backpacked around the Mediterranean

This like some other shots could be in Places or Travelling section as well as here

Adam lazing in my hammock Andalusia 2016

Claire with hat 2005

Anna Polish woman London 2009

Nikita 2006 © ®

Matilda 2007

Matilda 2007

French woman dancing London 2013

Homeless Man Istanbul 2003

(not that I usually photograph homeless people, but I thought he had a good face

and I asked and he said yes, after I photographed him I gave him a little money to buy food, not hat he asked)

Ben London 2014

Wei 2012 © ® A fashion model friend who asked me to do a shoot with her.

Post-production on photograph by Wei.

Adam Jaaback an old friend from art school who used to be a fashion model photographed

with my Saab convertible. I originally bought this for my mother my oldest brother to drive.

The suspension was to firm for her her so they kept the older Saab convertible

and told me to keep this one so I could drive up and down between

London and the south of Spain when my mothered lived.

Adam wanted some publicity shots for music and as a DJ.

Russell Hand © ®

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